All You Need to Know about Progressive Jackpots
Now you can get the lowdown on the most coveted prize in the world of online casinos: progressive jackpots. These payouts are famous for being sky-high, and winners often make the headlines after becoming millionaires overnight.

History of Progressive Jackpots

Thanks to the advent and development of new, microprocessor technology, progressive jackpots attached to slots machines become available to players in the early 1980s. In 1986, Megabucks, the 1st multi-site linked progressive jackpot slots game was debuted, and the rest, as the saying goes, is history.

The tension and excitement which a jackpot always-on-the-increase is able to deliver to players made games featuring this kind of prize very popular from the get-go, and, with the advent of a pot linked between multiple machines in order to increase it on a near-constant basis, the winnings got wilder and wilder.

The Idea behind Progressive Jackpot Slots

The concept which underlies progressive jackpot slots is a simple one: each time you spin the game’s reels, a certain percentage of the bet you have made is added to a centralised jackpot. This pooled prize is then won by the next player who manages to line up the required symbols, usually 5 of the highest-value icons for the game.

The idea of a progressive jackpots has been widely embraced by the kind of NZD casino all those who enjoy a flutter make a habit of patronising. There are even progressive-styled bets available for games other than slots available these days too, with both blackjack and poker often featuring these as the main drawcard. The progressive bets attached to these games are handed out when you manage to form a specific hand, again usually the one with the highest score, like a royal flush.

While progressive jackpots are now not unusual and can often be found in brick-and-mortar casinos, the internet is where they have flourished. Casinos which are based online are able to offer a far wider prize pool, since they take in players from an incredible array of locations. These enormous pay-ins lead to massive pay-outs, as their totals build at an astonishing rate.

  The Downside of Progressive Slots

Players should remember that, due to the fact that a percentage of their wager is being siphoned off into the prize pool, the payouts which do not deliver the main prize are sometimes lower than those provided for non-progressive slots machines.

Tips for Playing Progressive Jackpot-Styled Games

Although it may be alluring to chase these incredible jackpots, many experts suggest that, thanks to the fact that the other payouts are lower, it is actually a better idea to keep a certain amount of money aside for progressive jackpot games, and spend the bulk of your cash on the machines which are able to offer higher payouts for less valuable hands. This allows you to spread your bets, and so enjoy the online fun for longer periods of time.

Progressive jackpot games are always developing, and new ones are released very often, so take your time and keep exploring until you find one that you like. The life-changing win may well be on the other end of the next machine you play!