Playing Casino Games Online

If you are looking to have some fun on the internet then the casino games are for you. You do not have to go anywhere far way nowadays to play these casino games which are very much available and accessible to you at your homes and on your computers. There are many people nowadays who love to spend their time on playing these online games which can be played for free or for money. Some of the casino games which you can play are poker, slots and keno.

Poker is counted as among those casino games which falls in the category of luck based casino games as well as strategic games. You are free to apply any type of strategies in this game.

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Poker and Bluff Online

The Poker belongs to a class of card games called "Games Competition," because players compete through a good hand of cards, to win the stakes. This hand may be obvious to his opponents, and sometimes be a "bluff." This is also true in the modern poker hand and also played in online casinos. Throughout the history of poker, many other games have been added in this category. Yet, the history of poker remains obscure, at least with regard to its origins. Some experts claim that the name comes from the French "Poque", originated in turn from the German "Pochen", which means "beat." But no one knows for sure if the Poker comes from Poque or other card games.

A legend claims that a Chinese emperor named Mu-tsung has created in the year 970 a game similar to that of Poker, which was played with domino pieces. Others attribute the origin to another game played by the Egyptians in the twelfth and thirteenth centuries, with the systems of classification of the hands similar to those used in the Poker (the "Poker Hands").

In addition, we found similarities between poker and a Persian game called "as nas". This game, played with 25 cards and 5 different series, had also a classification of the hands similar to that of modern poker. Its roots are attributed to the Renaissance game called "primero", as the French "brelan." One theory states that the "as nas" is landed with Persian sailors in New Orleans , where the French pioneers who learned the game. It is therefore clear that the history of poker is still plenty of opportunity to study and study for scholars of the field. The game's popularity continued to grow during the twentieth century, especially in America where they were first organized poker tournaments. The first tournaments of great prestige were the Poker World Series , which initially met modest success, but later, during the 80s, won a great reputation, so that now all countries are the players to challenge the champions .

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